Beer, Wine and other Libations

Every Canadian knows that we get screwed on beer, liquor and wine.  I’m a Guinness drinker and will use this in my ongoing calculations and monthly cost comparisons however this would not be an accurate diatribe if I did not compare the cost of good old Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Budweiser. Let’s start with my favorite Guinness – The cost of 8 cans at the local Albertsons is $10.95 the same 8 cans at the LCBO are $20.95 a net difference of $10.00. I consume on average 16 cans a month so I’m spending $20.00 more per month in Canada. I also like a Baileys in my coffee on weekend mornings and in the US at $16.99 a bottle it’s a nice treat, I don’t bother in Canada at $29.45. The Mrs. enjoys J. LOHR Seven Oaks Cabernet at Total Wine is $9.97 and $21.95 at LCBO. She goes through a couple of bottles a week, 8 per month so we are spending an additional $95.84 a month in Canada. As my kids come over every couple of days and drink Coors Light we also go through a dozen Coors as well. A dozen Coors Light can be had at Total Wine in AZ for $8.99 (a 30 pack of Coors light is $18.49) at Brewers Retail the cost is $20.94 for a dozen, difference $11.95. Canadian Club is $14.99 for 1.75 Ltr at Total Wine and $54.95 at LCBO (Glad I don’t drink CC) difference $39.96.

March 2011

From time to time some things are worth noting. This weekend paper, Toronto Star, Gord On Grapes article by Gord Stimmell titled “California shines, but at what cost?” showcasing some California wines with “silly price tags. I wrote him an email with the suggestion to change the tag to “California shines, but how much tax can you pay” a Geyser Peak 2006 LCBO #343467 is $21.95 – BevMo $15.99, $5.96 difference. Robert Mondavi 2006 Reserve LCBO #670463 is $134.95 – World of Wine $91.01, $43.94 difference.

We ended up getting a case of Challis Lane Cab after coupon $75.88 works out to $6.32 a bottle. Similar LCBO, Clos Du Val, $19.95 a bottle – Difference $163.52

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