Jackson’s Action

A Car wash is not very sexy but it’s something we all have done whether in the summer to make it look good or in the winter to get rid of and the salt and crap. I’m not that big on “self washing” therefore, when in Canada I tend to get a wash every week or so. Usually it’s after the overpriced fill-up at the gas station to take advantage of the $1.00 off “special” with my 20 liters of gas. Sometimes I go to the standalone wash in Aurora and there I can pay up to $25.00 for the wash. In either instance it involves me sitting in the car while the various foam sprays cover the car before the blowers get into action. NEVER does it include someone drying the car off and cleaning the inside. That is until I get to Phoenix and visit my local Jackson’s

At Jacksons you are greeted when you drive up (this time by Brandon), asked if you also need gas (discounted with a wash) and the level of services you are wanting. Prices range from $14.99 – $39.95 and you can get unlimited monthly plans from $15.99. I like the $24.95 VIP, wash and hand dry, interior and exterior window cleaning, interior cleaning including all surfaces, tire and wheel cleaner and more.

I really get spoiled when here, not only is the wash and service second to none the price is terrific when compared to what we get in Canada.

For all you Canadian SnowBirds looking to get the car nice and shiny after the drive down, stop in at a Jacksons. If near Happy Valley ask for Brandon!


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