Traveling in the US After The Trumpocalypse!

As President Elect Trump was meeting with Obama the U.S. MSP was featuring the protests across the country. What was I to do? I had been planning my U.S. trip for months, what fate would befall a Canadian tourist? With the car loaded up we headed to the Windsor border…


There was a relatively short line at the U.S. Customs post. The agent was courteous and wished us a pleasant vacation. We did not get fingerprinted, did not have to prove our lineage nor our religious beliefs. Thankfully the construction crews had not yet started on the wall. We did however had to pay $6.25 to enter the country!

The first thin we noticed was that the speed limit on i75 was 75MPH, how could this be. The Ontario Government always tells us the “speed kills” and that our speed limit of 100 was already too fast. We were prepared to encounter the carnage as we crept up to this break neck speed – hundreds of miles later no accidents, no carnage, have we been lied to?

Many have said that traveling in the US was no longer cost effective with our dollar at $.74 of a U.S. dollar. This and the next few blogs will detail our travel costs comparing them to travel in Canada – You decide for yourself where you get the best bang for your devalued Canadian dollar.

I’ll be using a 1.3 factor to convert US to Canadian

Gas up in Canada before heading out $101.99/Ltr ($3.82/Gal) – First gas stop in Ohio – $1.85/Gal = ($0.64/Ltr)

Hotel – $144.00 inc tax – includes dinner, three drinks each and full breakfast ($187.20 Cdn). Equivalent Hotel in Canada $179.00, dinner for two $50.00, Drinks$40.00, Breakfast $20.00 Total $289.00Cdn

So far day one I’m up $120.00!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update…



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2 Responses to Traveling in the US After The Trumpocalypse!

  1. John Leone says:

    Nice. I’ve been talking with places that receive packages in the United States. Trying to figure out when the Canadian dollar is low what do Canadians still purchase in the United States?

  2. flynnroad says:

    Good luck surviving Trumpocalypse!

    100kph is too slow on Ontario highways. Everyone is doing much faster anyway. If there are issues, it is people doing 90 while others are doing 120.
    But, inattentive driving and people passing on the RIGHT are probably the biggest issue vs speed.

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