They Are At The Post, Or Maybe Not!

Canada Post has served notice that it will be locking out workers in 72 hours. Canada Post blames the union and “a rapid decline in mail volume”. Workers are stating that “They (Canada Post) refused to negotiate fairly with us and now they’re locking the doors and will try to starve us into submission,”

I have talked about Canada Post before in this blog and I think it’s time again to put my thoughts out as a past business owner and now as a publisher that needs a low cost method of getting my books from my warehouse to my customers. My basic problem with Canada Post is that it charges too much to consumers and small businesses for the level of service it offers. Unlike the U.S. Postal Service it does not offer any “Flat Rate” package service. Something that most small businesses in the U.S. take advantage of. When I go to my local Post Office the clerk spends more time with a tape measure and a scale than a drug dealer does weighing out his product. A flat padded envelope costs me $4.63 including HST in Canada, same envelope cost $2.65 in the U.S., that’s almost double and, for online retailers, that may be the difference between a U.S. business offering “Free Shipping” and the Canadian business having to charge for shipping. And I have to again say the the USPS provides envelopes and boxes to small businesses for FREE. They will even deliver them. Here we need to add the cost of the envelopes (in my case $.75) and boxes to our shipping costs.

It needs to be said that we, the users of Canada Post are also the ones who, through postage fees and Federal taxation pay for this Crown Corporation. Even if you don’t use them a portion of your Federal taxes go towards maintaining the corporation. Here is what the “lower echelon” of Canada Post workers make. I think these are fair wages for services provided. Add to this a nice government pension plan and medical coverage and it’s a pretty good overall package.


You always here the BS that the U.S. worker makes far less and that’s why they can offer better prices. Well lets just see about that.


Looks pretty close to me so why cant we get the same level of service at the same price in Canada?

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1 Response to They Are At The Post, Or Maybe Not!

  1. flynnroad says:

    Not having a flat rate shipping option seems like a cultural thing to me.

    Living in Canada, it seems there are a bunch of things that are kind of like this.
    Its a very pragmatic attitude.
    Someone with a very small package will pay too much and a larger package will pay too little. That is unacceptable.

    I view auto insurance similar to this. NYS has no-fault insurance and insurance for the same coverage is half the price.

    Ontario spends a so much time, effort and productivity costs blocking highways for fender benders with no physical injuries to people, while everyone waits for the OPP to sort out who is to blame and which insurance company has to pay.

    Municipalities seem to prefer to spend as little as possible in a current fiscal year, vs spending a bit more upfront and save a lot of money over a 5 or 10 year period.
    Example: New road in my hood. First it is a 2-lane road. Then 18 months later, they ripped it up and make it a 4-lane road. Then 18 months later, they ripped it up again and put in water pipes. Then 18 months later, the make the other end of the road 4 lanes. (which I believe was just ripped up for the new water pipes).

    We could never have a $20 copay for doctor visits to cut down on hypochondriacs using 80% of all medical services because there might be more than 0 people out there that can’t afford the $20 copay. (maybe this one isn’t a good fit. hehe)

    That’s all I can think of right now. But, it feels like I see this a lot in Ontario.

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