Snowbirds – Cut the Canadian Cell Phone Umbilical

If you have a Canadian cell phone in the U.S. you have a number of “high cost” options for keeping in touch with those back home and in the U.S. through your Canadian carrier. Lord knows they push the services enough, every time my Rogers cell phone registers on a U.S. carriers network i get that text telling me how easy and economical it is to roam in the U.S.

Those of you that follow this Blog or have attended one of my talks know that I’m a big fan of Tracfone when I’m in the U.S. Well their service just got better! In the past you had to either buy “top-up” cards that added both service days and call minutes to your phone. At $20.00 for 60 minutes and 90 days service this was already a good deal. For frequent travelers and Snowbirds you were sometimes just buying the service days as you had accumulated a lot of unused minutes. Don’t need anymore minutes? You can now get one-year of service for $49.95.



Another good thing with this is you can now have your service days renewal term coincide with your stay in the U.S.


You can keep paying those exorbitant Canadian carrier roaming fees.

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