It’s all done with mirrors!

I love when the news makes so much sense!

Statistics Canada said the rise in the cost of living was tempered in July, with the annual inflation rate coming in at 2.1 per cent. That was down from June when the consumer price index rose by 2.4 per cent over 12 months, a two-year high.

But in a separate report, retail sales showed strong growth, jumping by 1.1 per cent in June to $42.6 billion – a third consecutive month of increases that added up to a nearly five per cent rise in sales during the first half of 2014.


Canadians still prefer to shop in American stores even if it costs them a half-tank of gas to do it. The reasons relates to high Canadian taxes and more competitive U.S. retail pricing.

The high price of gas and lower value of the loonie notwithstanding, 55 million crossed over to the U.S. over the past 12 months.

Canadians crossing the American border represent about three times the number of Americans crossing over to Canada, an all-time low for Americans visiting Canada since those statistics were available.


There are STILL way better deals in the U.S., even with a lower Loonie. (I have been saying this all along)

Cross-Border Shopping has no negative effect on retail sales in Canada.

A lower Loonie does nothing to entice our American neighbors to come to Canada.

Plus – If you fill up that gas tank in the U.S. at today’s price of $0.97/ltr rather than the $1.32 you will pay here the cost of the “half-tank of gas” is virtually FREE!

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  1. ReloNavigator says:

    Reblogged this on ReloNavigator and commented:
    Recently, we participated in a NAFTA Summit where cost of living were part of the discussion.

    Indeed, statistics presented in the summit, illustrated the influx of Canadian shoppers in the Bellingham/ Whatcom County all the way to Seattle, WA. The I-5 corridor is the main route of the shoppers and business people from British Columbia, Canada / Washington, USA. Border crossing takes place daily.

    So why NAFTA Region Member countries do not create an economic pact that mutually benefit all regions where crossing the border is happening? There is a lot of politicking involved and no one will get into the table and discuss professionally in order to achieve a mutually beneficial economic strategy and set aside politics.
    While both countries, Canada and USA are in North America and part of the so called NAFTA Region; both shall come up with a NAFTA resolution where crossborder economy must flow freely to benefit both sides of the border.

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