It’s a Small Business Thing Too

When I am doing my presentations there is usually one member of the audience who is a small business retailer that’s just as frustrated as the consumer is with prices. The unfortunate thing is that he has to pass this Canadian cost of doing business on to the Canadian consumer. My wife recently gave me a card that she wanted to mail to the UK – the cost here to send a letter to the UK is $2.50 (providing it meets all the criteria) if it’s seen as a “non-standard” size it jumps to $5.90. as I was off on one of my Buffalo trips I decided to take it with me, the cost to mail the card from Buffalo – $1.15 That’s less than half price!

I get a lot of online orders for my book. Last fall the cost to mail it anywhere in Canada was $3.05 plus $0.40 HST. After the postage hike it now costs $4.10 plus $0.53 HST. This is an increase of over 35%. For any small business that relies on the Post Office for shipping this increase is passed through to the consumer. The result, higher costs!

I’m going to stay on the small business theme for a while. When speaking I display my book in a small acrylic display stand that I bought at Staples in Canada.  Now that I’m also selling my books through select retailers I wanted to provide them with the same stand. This then resulted in the following searches on and – you figure out which is which.




As they say on TV – “BUT WAIT”. Before buying off the US sight I thought I would check out Amazon. When I went off the site I got a “pop-up” telling me that I could save another $1.20 per piece if I ordered in the next 20 minutes.


When I exited the Canadian site I didn’t get so much as a thanks for thanks for looking. Oh, and another thing – Free Shipping on US site with $39.00 purchase, $45.00 on Canadian.

And this my friends explains why things are more expensive in Canada.

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1 Response to It’s a Small Business Thing Too

  1. flynnroad says:

    I just discovered a Pro Tip to share!

    Do you want to send a greeting card to someone in the US from Canada? Well, the greeting card can easily cost $4-$6 (or more) in Canada. You will need at least double postage ($2) to get it across the border and it will probably take 2 weeks to get there.

    I made a custom hard copy greeting card from in the US and had it shipped to my friend in the US for only about $4 using my PayPal account. The only glitch was I needed a US return address. I used my brother’s, but it never occurred to me to try the send to and return to be the same address. Maybe that would have gotten around that.

    Also, I screwed up the shipping address. I didn’t have the unit number for the apartment. After the card wasn’t received I called customer service, told them the issue and the reshipped with the unit number via FEDEX for no extra charge! They clearly lost a lot of money on this transaction, but they won a loyal customer and evangelist for them now.

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