Out Damn Weed – Or We’ll Lock You Up!

When I’m doing my talks inevitably someone always brings up the topic of weed killer. Ontario’s has the strictest rules about pesticides and herbicides in Canada. Now for us living in the GTA the solution is simple, head across the border for your supplies. But wait! Did you know that you could also “import” what you need from B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador?  The four provinces without bans.

But I digress, this Blog primarily deals with the differences in prices on items in the U.S. and in Canada so I want to take a look at one of the “non-banned” treatments that you can comparatively shop for.

On a recent trip to my local Home Hardware Roundup, a popular treatment was on sale at $27.97 down from $33.99. Canadian Tire $34.99. The same size, not on sale, at Home Depot in Buffalo is $18.42. If you add the appropriate sales tax to each, purchasing in the U.S. is a 61% savings.

Well my Canadian friends, who always ask me why there is such a disparity, this one is for you…

Take a look at the picture following. The Home Hardware manager told me that the Ontario Law requires that the Roundup needs to be locked up. This means what to us? The retailer has to dedicate space to the skid or install a locked cage. How does the retailer pay for this? Of course he has to charge the consumer for these extra costs to sell this product. By the way, and you are going to love this one, anyone can purchase Roundup in Ontario – yes I can send a three-year old into Home Hardware with the required $31.60, they will unlock the skid, and sell her the chemicals? And that calls for the classic Forest Gump quote; “stupid is as stupid does”.

Figure this one out!

Figure this one out!

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