Lets all raise our retail price by 58%

As of March 31 a single stamp will cost $1.00 plus HST. This is an increase of 58% from the current $0.63. If you purchase a pack, stamps will cost $0.85 cents each, much like when you only need one screw at Home Depot but are forced to buy a package of 12! Canada Post announced last year that it is also phasing out door-to-door delivery of regular mail to urban residents.


According to Canada Post average parcel rates will also increase by approximately 3.2% and direct mail will increase from $0.61 to $0.65.

Now if I was to be implementing a “Going out of Business” plan then one good way to do so would be to raise my prices by 58% and decrease my services. I’m figuring that I would be out of business within a month.

As a retailer using Canada Post to communicate with and send packages to customers you are going to increase your shipping charges or absorb (Ha!) the increase.


Won't be long!

Won’t be long!


So here is my plan – sorry everyone but there will be no more birthday, anniversary or other cards from me delivered by mail. I will either give them to you personally or send you an e-card depending on your location. All bills will be paid through direct deposit or online. With one exception; dealing with government agencies – yes you will still have to send them most communications by mail.

Now for comparison, and to be an objective reporter on cross-border prices, the cost to mail a letter within the U.S. will increased from $0.46 to $0.49 in 2014.


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