Happy 4th of July, It’s a Gas!

As the US is looking forward to its 4th of July celebrations consumers will be enjoying some of the lowest gasoline prices in a while. According to the USA Today July 1st Headline “Gas prices drop below $3.50 a gallon”. The price of regular-grade gasoline has fallen below $3.50 a gallon on average nationally just in time for the Fourth of July weekend in the weekly survey by the Energy Information Administration reports. This my dear Canadian readers is about $0.92 a liter.

Now we just finished our July 1st Holiday weekend where I saw the gas price jump from $1.15 ltr mid last week to $1.22 ltr on the weekend at the discount outlets and from $1.22 to $1.26 ltr. at the Petrocan. Our government, based on numerous studies, continues to assure us that holiday weekend travel has no effect on gas prices. Thats why it’s dropped $0.05 a ltr. today.

Now at $0.92 a ltr. I’m sure many canadians would have considered a Canada Day road trip. One that could have spread a few dollars around in the small towns that look to tourists for their livelihood. At $1.22 ltr., not so many.

Happy Holidays from your national gas suppliers!


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