Oh Say Can You GNC


I diligently (right) scan each of my incoming emails in anticipation of the Deals that await. Today both the U.S. and Canadian inboxes had a delivery from GNC. As my old bones will soon be out of the TriFlex that keeps them moving I did my usual comparison.


First the GNC Canadian site – Now despite the “Buy One Get One Free” banner in my email when I selected the TriFlex this was not the case. Instead I was only offered a 20% Off Code to use at checkout. Continuing on with my two bottle order my final cost at checkout was to be $130,24 Delivered.


Now as I have stated GNC is one of those companies that read your IP{ address and then “route” you to the online store for your country, those devils! In fact it’s very difficult to even see the prices in the U.S. store unless you know some technology tricks.

TaDa! I know those tricks. So following the link in my U.S. email I was soon on the U.S. GNC site and presented with the same BOGO Offer.


Following the same process I was now afforded a true BOGO offer and, at a regular cost of $59.95 U.S. vs the $69.99 CDN.  I was also able to find a Coupon Code for GNC U.S. that provided another $10.00 off.


So what did we learn today…

BOGO in U.S. does not mean BOGO in Canada. How a one company charges more than DOUBLE ($66.90) for the same two items in Canada than in the U.S. Guess witch site I bought from?


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