Three Star Hotel in U.S. or Camping in Ontario? Let me think!

The boys went to Detroit a couple of weeks back to take in the Woodward Cruise. This is a huge collector car event that takes place the third weekend in August. It’s unique in that the cars “cruise” up and down Woodward Avenue – read no admission charge.

First off was to book a hotel, a trip to and we were offered a three star within 5 miles of the venue for $42.00/night. It featured a pool and included a continental breakfast. After accepting we discovered we were booked in at the MET. We drove down Friday afternoon arriving just after 2:00PM. The rooms were large, clean and parking was free. A short drive after checking in put us in the middle of Bloomfield at a covered parking facility for a flat-fee of $5.00. We grabbed our lawn chairs and a beer and set our selves up on the curb.

While not “officially” starting till Saturday afternoon Friday nights have become a bit of an event as well will many of the cars getting an early jump on the weekend. Police patrol the street on bicycles but never hassle anyone for drinking or any of the cars for burning a little rubber. Went into the town around six for dinner, great little Italian restaurant, three of us with drinks $65.00. Back to the hotel around ten with our $9.00 six-pack and a $6.00 bottle of vodka for a chat and cigar.

Saturday morning we got an early start. Parked in same garage, same $5.00 charge. A quick five minute walk to the local Greek Diner for breakfast, under $20.00 including tip for all three of us. A lot of the car clubs set up displays in the town square before the cruise so next two or so hours spent strolling the clubs. At noon, cooler full of beer and fold out chairs in hand we picked out a nice spot on Woodward Ave. to take in the show. We were with a large Canadian contingency so felt right at home. Around 2:00 #1 son feeling a little hungry so off to local burger joint; 5 cheeseburgers for $10.00. Take that Harveys! Dinner around &:00 at a nice Thai Restaurant, $30.00. It was a great day and as Ian says “it’s like watching a 12 hour parade”.

Sunday morning stopped into the pet supply store, stocked up on dog food – savings $80.00, off to Costco for booze – savings $200.00 and finally Dicks Sporting goods for some new golf shoes, on sale – savings $60.00. Quick visit to the Ford Museum and gas fill up.

With hotel, food and gas it cost us about $90.00 each.

Oh yeah – Camping In Ontario- It would have cost us $84.50 for 2 nights to go camping at a Provincial Park, $25.00 for beer – if allowed, $40.00 for firewood and at least $100.00 in food.  $85.00 each.

No Brainer! See you next year at Woodward.


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