Let’s Take AdVonage Of The Canadians

June RipOff

I have been a long time user of Vonage Phone services. When I originally switched Bell Canada was charging me almost $50.00/mth. for a home phone with no long distance plan so I had to pay LD charges if I phoned Mississauga or Durham 905 users (about 30 miles as the crow flies) as well. At $19.99/mth it is still a deal when compared to Bell or Rogers and I can have a 416 number.

I get this email from Vonage U.S. – $9.99/mth. Unlimited U.S. Calling and a Guarantee that Rate will never change. So this is $10.00 less than I’m paying for my Canadian Plan with a 500 min cap.

I call Vonage at the number and ask for the same consideration. So – wait for it – the girl says oh you are on a Canadian Plan, I respond positively and she says, we don’t offer this plan in Canada and when I ask why she says “we charge higher prices in Canada”.

I take a look at what Vonage Canada currently offers as their “Special”. The “Basic” Plan that I have with 500 min cap is still $19.99/mth – the equivalent to the U.S. Special is $14.99/mth for first 3 months and then JUMPS to $29.95/mth thereafter.


So fellow Canadians you will pay $20.00 more a month than your U.S. counterparts for the same Vonage service – $240.00 more per year! I wonder if Bell and Rogers have a hand in this one?




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