The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

So the media is all a buzz now that the Duty Free limits have been raised. Diane Brisebois, the Retail Councils President and CEO is telling the media that the increase in duty exemptions “is salt in the wounds of retailers in border communities.” She goes on to say that the Canadian retailers are not gouging (consumers) and notes that Canadian retailers of sporting goods are paying 18% import duty while American retailers pay none.

So help me out here Diane, is the problem the consumer wanting to make their dollar go further or government tariffs. The consumer who just got a $150.00 boost in Duty Free imports can now bring back sporting goods like a $99.00 golf bag in Buffalo that would cost him $159.00 in Toronto and help me again on the tariff because the 2012 tariff on golf bags is 0% exactly the same tariff as cases for church bells, thank god because my last church bell case is at the end of its life!

Carolyn Bones, president of the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce in southern Ontario — across the border from New York State — said Ottawa needs to eliminate tariffs on imported finished goods. “Tariffs on many finished goods _ including clothing, hockey equipment and skates, sporting equipment and footwear and linens _ are paid by the retailer to the Canadian government,” Bones said in a joint statement. “Historically, these tariffs were put in place to protect Canadian manufacturers. However, very few of these products are manufactured in Canada anymore.”

Good for you Carolyn, you see the real problem in this country, I’m sure it’s not just an oversight on the part of the government that tariffs remain in place even though there are no more Canadian manufacturers of these products. If importers, retailers and subsequently consumers were not burdened with excessive taxes, tariffs and shipping charges I’m sure the impact of cross-border shopping at the retail level would be much less.

Maybe we should just bring back $200.00 worth of milk! Ummm That would be 127 Gallons and a savings of $471.00 over buying milk at Metro!

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