Ripoff of the month!

So I’m going to start a new monthly “Ripoff of the month” feature where I look at one item or service and drill down to see how much we are being ripped off. This month it the oil change.

So I wrote a month or so back on the cost of an oil change in Phoenix vs. here in Newmarket. Got a call earlier this week that the KIA was being recalled due to a seal in the wheel wells, no big deal but figured I’d get in in sooner rather than later. When I took it in on Wednesday I figured I’d get the oil changed as well. Was very specific oil and filter only as I have learned my lesson on air and cabin filters, I pick these up at Pep Boy’s for about $9.00 a piece when in U.S.

To jog your memory I got the Grand Caravan serviced at Power Dodge for $17.99 this included oil, filter, lube and tire rotation. This was a Spring Special however I just checked online and saw that they had another coupon this month for $18.95

So now for KIA, remember I was in for a recall and ONLY wanted an oil change and filter so I wasn’t planning on being out of pocket too much. First off KIA for some strange reason splits out the labor and oil costs can’t figure out why but they do. The labor portion was $19.95 and the filter/oil package was $21.00. Add environmental fee and tax and we hit $49.95.

So what are we looking at? It costs $29.08 more to get an oil change here. That a 150% more!

I did however receive a detailed report on the vehicle, you have to take a look at this; apparently I’ll need new front tires soon. here I come.


In case you can’t read this there are NO Check Marks other than tire wear!


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