A Little Off The Top, A Little More in The Pocket

So as all you guys are aware the local corner barbershop is fast going the way of the dodo. Growing up I went to the same barber my Dad went to, and continued to go there for 20 plus years until relocating in the GTA made it an hour commute and not practical. I have tried a few other “locals” and frequent them whenever practical. The kids now have no loyalty and either opt for the Mall salon or one of the discount shops so the local barber is a dying breed. Even though I have half the amount of hair now my barber charges $18.00, with tip it’s a $20.00 bill. This is good compared to the mall salon’s where dropping $30.00 is real easy. There are certainly no frills anymore, no shampoo or hot towel unless your prepared for another $10.00.

So as I was getting a bit shaggy, where I still have hair, so I thought I try out the local Sport Clips in Phoenix. This is a franchise operation with 860 stores open in 39 states. The shop was sports themed with Arizona base team jerseys, pictures on walls etc. There are two 42” screens in the waiting area, comfortable chairs and selection of magazines and newspapers. I was greeted immediately on entering and advised as to wait time, under 5 minutes. The salon part of the shop was done as a locker room and the female stylists were dressed like referees. There are small TV screens at each of the cutting stations. My stylist was friendly and explained the three options offered, Varsity Haircut, Triple play and MVP. I opted for the MVP, Haircut, Hot Steam Towel Treatment, Shampoo with scalp massage and finally a neck and shoulder massage. I was also given a coupon for my next visit for $5.00 off and a Loyalty card, that will give me one free cut after ten.

Great haircut, great customer service and – wait for it $12.00

Now the Canadian naysayers will jump on this and tell you they can’t make money at this price, interestingly Sport Clips is leading the growth trend in the hair care industry with an increase in system-wide revenue of 22 percent over 2010, with a 10 percent growth in same store sales in 2011. In 2011 they had sales of $250 million, no store closings, and strong franchise sales, continuing their trend as both a franchise and beauty industry leader.

So if you are in the U.S. check out www.sportclips.com to see if there is a location where you are going. If you are taking the lady to Buffalo for a mall day you’re in luck. Sport Clips has a location 10 minutes from the Walden Galleria.

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1 Response to A Little Off The Top, A Little More in The Pocket

  1. flynnroad says:

    A SuperCuts has opened near me. I can walk to it. I think it is from the US and a buzz cut is about $12. Cheaper than the place at Walmart by a few bucks. I’m pretty happy. Plus, I can get coupons and they have loyalty programs like get 5 cuts, the 6th is free.

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