Car 54 where am I?

So the old Mio GPS system with 2006 maps finally needed upgrading. As Mio no longer in business I took a look in this weekends flyers in Phoenix for a deal. Found the Garmin Nuvi 40 for $89.95 at target and $99.00 at Staples. As my local Staples gives me an additional 2% off on purchases with my Staples card and they price match I headed over to check it out. Price match as assumed was not an issue, the salesperson did however mention that the unit on sale did not have lifetime maps, he offered to upgrade me to the LM version for an additional $20.00 for a total cost of $109.95. As obsolete maps is why I am upgrading this made sense.

Thought I would check out the same unit at Tiger Direct back in Canada – $159.99 plus the old HST. Guess what? Savings $60.00

No longer lost, well not in the car anyway!

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