Good thing Canadian cars don’t run on milk!

According to Canadians are paying as much as double the international market price for dairy products.

The way milk prices are determined in Canada is complicated. First, it’s not up to the free market. Prices are determined by the federal Canadian Dairy Commission and provincial marketing boards based on the cost of producing milk, consumers’ ability to pay and the Consumer Price Index. Farmers must have a quota — essentially a license — to produce milk.

We are innodated with TV ad’s to drink more milk and eat more cheese; after all it’s good for you. Then why do we get so ripped off. The price of milk is not something that I think about when I compare U.S. and Canadian pricing. Maybe I’m drinking too much beer so this is where I focus. Last week my daughter and wife were saying that the local Costco in Newmarket raised the price of three liters of milk to over $5.00, I thought that was a bit much and it was driven home with a hammer on yesterday’s trip to Albertson’s in Phoenix.

As they say one picture…..

$4.00 Less than in Canada

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