Guy Stuff, Tires, Tools and Booze!

So we all let out a big sigh when she who must be obeyed wants to head south of the border for a day of shopping. This post is for all the guys, drop her off at the Galleria and set out for some guy shopping…

Taking care of the car…

So the last few weeks there have been ads from Ford Canada for a, wait for it, Maintenance Special! Oil, filter, tire rotation and checkup $59.95 Plus the old HST. Gave a call to Basil Ford in Buffalo, rather than screw around with cars decided to go big and got a quote for future son in-law’s F150 – $34.95, and no need to book an appointment at their Quick Lane service. Savings $25.00

Alternative would also be to check out Pep Boys if you are not locked into Dealer service. They have a Special on for $29.95 with a Spring Coupon for $20.00 off so that’s $9.95 guys! Make sure you also pick up a cabin air filter, as mentioned before $9.00 compared to $30.00 in Canada. Savings $50.00

If you need tires this is the place to shop as well, you may want to call ahead to make sure they have your size or check out for a local Dealer. Figure on saving at least 25%.

What a tool…

My favorite place, as previously mentioned is Harbor Freight Tools. This place has everything you could want, Princess Auto on steroids, even if you never use it. Quality tools, Lifetime warranty checkout the weekly flyer before you head out Also check out Sears, quality Craftsman products usually 25% less than Canada. Good buy’s on Garage Door Openers.

Gone Fishing…

Cabela’s is my favorite but unfortunately they are not in Buffalo however they will ship to Can-Am Mailbox Rental as discussed in earlier Blog. So this leaves Bass Pro. Pretty much the same as locations in Canada with on average 15% – 20% savings. If you are a smart shopper and do some homework you can get up to 40% on some items. Don’t forget Wal-Mart for a good selection of low cost fishing stuff.

Around the house…

Both Lowes and Home Depot provide some significant savings. First and foremost is on fertilizer, seed and (banned in Ontario) weed killer. If you are going to do any painting this year grab a few gallons of paint. On a recent trip we picked up BEHR Premium one coat paint and primer for $24.95 a gallon plus 6% tax. Back home it is $45.00 a gallon, plus $4.95 Environmental Fee and HST on top. Don’t worry about colour as you can take unmixed paint to any Home Depot in Canada and they will mix it for you at no charge.


Outlet Liquor 2152 George Urban Boulevard near Buffalo Airport. Good deals on wine.

So overall a fun day can be had for the guys and you can put a $100.00 or so in your pocket over what you would have spent back home.

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