Mr Lube BUSTED by CBC Marketplace

Last year I wrote about the excessive price charged by Mr Lube to replace a cabin filter. CBC Marketplace agrees and did a segment on Friday night.

As mentioned in my original BLOG, pick up a cabin filter when in  the U.S. for under $10.00 and spend the $50.00 you will save on TWO nice dinners!

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3 Responses to Mr Lube BUSTED by CBC Marketplace

  1. Mike says:

    why don’t you just do the oil chnage yoursel;f too and you can save another $20. Jack ass!!! Or maybe go to buy some hamburger meat at the grocery store and save yourself another $2 by not going to McDonalds! Idiots i tell you. Half truths all the way. Very poor reporting on CBC’s part.

  2. Lakhbir says:

    Mr Lube did a very bad job and did a rip off by charging for synthetic oil and filling the engine with junk oil. Never go these people

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