Dog Gone Good Value

In an earlier Blog I wrote about the cost of Dog Food – $53.00 a bag in Phoenix vs $89.00 a bag in Newmarket, at a discount outlet. Well I have the dogs with me on this trip and when I went to stock up on food I noticed a sign up on the wall for the local Veterinary Clinic offering shots. We had the dogs vaccinated for distemper and rabies before we left Canada, US requirement, but intended to wait till we were back in Canada for their Heartworm tests and Meds.

So here is the skinny, took them to the Clinic, test’s were $25.00 each and 6-month supply of med’s $43.00 each. Total $136.00 – Last year in Newmarket, tests $53.00 each and med’s at $150.00 each, total $416.00.

Total Savings – $280.00

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