Software – Hard Costs

I have been buying all of my software in the US for as long as I can remember. One reason is that there are always Rebates of one type or another in addition to the Discounted Price. This month it was time to renew and upgrade a couple of my programs so time for the comparison.

My first buy was a “bundle” of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premier Elements 10, the regular price for this is $149.00 in the U.S.,  all the majors had it on this week for $99.00. As I had a “Loyalty” coupon from Best Buy for $10.00 I bought it there. Total Cost including taxes $98.36. Best Buy Canada – $225.00 including HST – SAVINGS $126.00

Today was Fry’s Flyer Day, I’m running Nero 9 so have been on the lookout for an upgrade. This week Fry’s has discounted Nero 11 Multimedia Suite from $99.00 to $69.95, there is also a Mail In Rebate of $25.00 and an additional Upgrade Mail In Rebate of $25.00 – Total Cost after rebates $19.99. No Fry’s in Canada so back to Best Buy $99.00 – $113.00 after tax, no rebates. – SAVINGS $80.00

Total Savings on two packages – $206.00

Thinking of getting wife a small Tablet – This week Acer 7” A100 on for $229.00 at Best Buy and a $30.00 Best Buy store credit. So all in is $221.00. Canada Best Buy, including HST $326.00  – SAVINGS $105.00

So I’m looking at Savings of $311.00 on three items.

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