I have received a lot of comments with reference to my blog here on food prices. Most of you did not believe that there was such a spread. Having just come from Metro – $23.44 for milk, bread and three small packages of short ribs it again needs reiteration of how bad the spread really is.

Over the last month in Phoenix we have spent just over $100.00 on our food bill. We have shopped wisely, like an American would, taking advantages of the weekly specials, coupons and BOGO Deals. A week or so back Fry’s had back ribs on for $3.99 a lb, in addition if you bought one rack you got another two racks for free. So for jut over $15.00 we got three full racks of  ribs – that’s three good diners for any couple. Chicken breasts and pork chops are on BOGO sales virtually all the time so always a deal plus half the cost per lb..

To drive it home I just spent a little over $17.00 on three small packages of short ribs at $5.99 a pound – same price as three good size Boneless Ribeye Steaks at Fry’s!

Boneless Rib Eye - Such a Deal

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1 Response to BOGO NOGO @ METRO

  1. flynnroad says:

    I think CBC should have you on one of their shows. I am surprised how many Canadians I run in to have no idea about the differences. It also surprises me that so many people in Canada don’t seem to care. They just kind of shrug their shoulders and carry on with paying way more for goods compared to the rest of the world.

    When I do see an investigative story on this topic, it almost seems the news organizations are part of the conspiracy to foster ignorance given their poor coverage and lack of information and facts. Maybe that is the goal of the CBC! HAHAHA!

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