Such a Deal!

Over the last couple of weeks we took some friends around Phoenix and out for a couple of dinners. Times are tough but smart dining out is darn near the same cost as staying home..

Our first experience was at Logans Roadhouse. I would compare this to a Jack Astor’s in Canada. Monday thru Thursday 2 full meals $14.95, this includes a nice size salad and regular dinner portions from a selection of nearly 20 items, plus unlimited fresh baked bread and free peanuts on every table. We went with the Caesar Salads, Chicken Fingers (1 regular 1 Buffalo style) and baked Sweet Potato. If you are there between 5:00 and 7:00 22oz Draft Beer is $1.99. So what was the damage – $23.00 a couple including tip. By the way there were enough chicken fingers to request a Doggy Bag.

Jack Astor’s charges $9.95 for their Caesar Salad, with a meal its $2.96 – it’s about half the size of Logans. The Pan Bread is $5.95, with a meal $2.96. Jack’s Chicken Fingers are $12.24, $12.96 if you want them spiced up, they come with Fries, Sweet Potato Fries is an additional $1.79. A domestic draft beer will set you back $5.50 for a pint.

So what’s the difference? Jack’s will set you back $51.62, figure another $6.00 for the Tax Man and a 15% Tip and you walking out with little change from $67.00.

Difference – $43.26 – I think thats about two more nights out t Logan’s

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1 Response to Such a Deal!

  1. flynnroad says:

    And this is why Americans are so fat!
    But, I know what you mean. My heart skips a beat every time I eat out up north.

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