August Summary

Stayed close to home this month so just a few items for comparison. Booked a flight to  visit our friends in Austin for their daughters wedding in October. Decided to spend a couple of extra days in San Antonio before going on to Phoenix for a week.

So first off Air Canada does not permit a U.S. stopover so going with them would involve AC to Austin, another carrier to Phoenix, then back to Austin for the AC return flight. Just the AC Toronto – Austin Return would be $3,449.92 with stopovers in Denver outbound and Houston on return – HONEST – I don’t make these numbers up! So you know what we did, Southwest – Buffalo to Austin – Austin to Phoenix and Phoenix to Buffalo, ALL Direct flights – $1,097.00 Savings $2,352.92

I mentioned last month that I had picked an alarm system for the house. I looked into monitoring services and priced all the usual suspects, AlarmForce, ADT, Chubb etc. AlarmForce came in with the best price at $25.00/mth. Plus HST of course. I checked out a couple of U.S. based services. oddly enough the company where I bought the system ended up with best deal $8.95/mth. Total Annual Savings $231.60

Gas ended the month at $3.43 a gallon in U.S. and $1.24 a liter ($4.65 Gallon) So sed on the standard 50 gallons a month – Savings on gas this month $61.00

Did this before but worth reiterating – Off to the Phoenix Coyote’s vs the NEW Winnipeg Jets on October 15.  Two tickets including Fees and Delivery Charges – $71.00 – Identical seats at new Winnipeg Arena $263.20 PLUS FEES – Savings $192.00

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2 Responses to August Summary

  1. Chad says:

    Can someone tell me how I can get an American company to monitor my house in Toronto. I did not know that was possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
    I love your blog! Thanks for helping save a lot of my hard earned dollars!

    • 2sidesof49 says:

      Hey Chad,

      Thanks for taking a look at my Blog. The system I have is a Visonic ProMax it has a couple of neat features; I have a Rogers SIM card in it and it can send me an email or SMS message whenever there is an alarm. This costs about $100.00 a year for an annual pre-paid SIM. I can also monitor the system via the internet or smartphone, set alarm, disable, even monitor a camera. I can also have this information relayed via GPRS directly to a Monitoring Station if I don’t want to self monitor.

      Most of the Canadian guys want to lock you in to a two or three year commitment, and also want you to do a complete “free” install of their system. This ranges from $25.00 – $50.00 mth. You also have to have a dedicated home phone line (Bell) as they can figure out to use VOIP, MajicJack or any of the low cost alternatives. If you want GSM/Cell backup tha’ts at least another $20.00 a month

      The best price I have found for monitoring is $8.95/mth out of the U.S. at another company to check out is


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