How to do it!

So a lot of you have asked how do you take advantage of these deals and get the products into the country without paying duties or Canadian taxes.

First a primer on what you can bring into the country after every visit to the U.S. I must state here that you have to take a shopping list with you, don’t overlook little things like laundry detergent, cleaners, light bulbs etc. you will be amazed at the savings on the little things (see my Blog on CFL lights) and you usually only have to shop for these once a year. Finally “spend up to your full limit” every time you go south of the border. Pay attention to the last item below – Gifts and read about these in another Blog.

Next point is that we ALWAYS DECLARE EVERYTHING WE BUY and have the receipts to back up the purchases. Usually we are gone for a week or more so we are looking at $750.00 per person or $1,500.00 per trip. You get get a lot of stuff for $1,500.00 – especially when it’s worth at least 25%  – 40% more back home.

Duty Free Limits for Canada

Personal exemptions allow you to bring goods of a certain value into Canada from the United States without having to pay the regular duties that apply to those goods (except for minimum duties that may apply to certain tobacco products). In other words, these items are Duty Free.

Residents returning to Canada:

After 24 hr absence…C$50
–No Tobacco and Liquor

After 48 hr absence…C$400
Tobacco…200 Cigarettes and 50 Cigars and 200g of loose Tobacco.
Liquor….1.14L of spirits, 1.5L of wine,or 24 bottles or cans of beer.(8.5L)

After 7 days absence…C$750
Tobacco…200 Cigarettes and 50 Cigars and 200g of Tobacco
Liquor….1.14 litres of liquor or 1.5 litres of wine.

You may also bring bona fide gifts worth up to Canadian $60 each for your friends in Canada without paying duty, provided these do not consist of tobacco or alcoholic beverages.

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