July Summary

So we had a conference in Tampa this month so off to Buffalo and the friendly sky’s of Southwest.

Before getting to airport we saw savings; had to ship some products back to one of our U.S suppliers, rather than shipping from the local Fedex, at $55.25 we dropped it off in Buffalo at $24.00 including insurance. Savings $31.25.

Next was the flight, no surprise to anyone we flew out of Buffalo. Return Flight Southwest $364.00. On Air Canada $840.57. As we are going to a conference and have to take a portable show booth and supplies with us these are Free on Southwest and $75.00 each on AC, another $300.00 – each way. Parking at Buffalo is $10.00 per day or $50.00 for the week. At Pearson $18.00 day in Value Park, $90.00 week. Savings $1,632.00

We opted to buy our “show give-aways” in U.S. as well, Acer iconia pad, $410.00 with tax at Best Buy U.S. vs $563.00 with HST at Best Buy Canada. Two units Savings $307.00

Like a cigar from time to time and Tampa a great cigar town. In addition to a couple of the local hand-rolled specials $6.00, I opted for some familiar brands; Ashton $6.95 U.S. vs $18.50 Cdn., CIO $5.95 U.S. vs $21.00 Cdn. You get the picture. Savings $100.00

Also have to state here that hotels are way cheaper – Westin Harbour Island in Tampa $92.00/night vs Westin Harbor Castle in Toronto at $177.00/night on Expedia.

So not a bad month – over $2,070.00 in the pocket!

About 2sidesof49

This Blog is for all Canadian Cross-Border Shoppers wanting to maximize their returns on their U.S. shopping trips. Visit 2sidesof49.com for tips and tricks and links to our partners websites, blogs and products. Also check out my book The Canadian Cross-Border Shopping Guide - guaranteed to save you money!
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