Cell Savings

This post is prompted by Ellen Roseman’s article “Tips for cutting cellphone charges” in the July 28 Toronto Star. Ellen focuses on how to minimize you Canadian carrier charges but not on alternatives that I’ll cover here and that I detailed in a letter to Ellen today…

First let me say that I have a $50.00/mth Canada/U.S. data plan with Rogers so no roaming charges – Also note that Rogers does not charge long distance or roaming when you call your voicemail from the U.S. Voice is another kettle of fish.

Rogers minimum monthly travel package of 15 U.S. minutes is $14.95/mth ($16.89 with HST), $202.72 a year Text Messaging is another $4.00/mth OR you can go to Walmart in the U.S. and purchase a Tracfone for $9.95 and a 50 minute monthly plan for $9.95/mth with calling anywhere in the U.S. and, through a Toll Free number anywhere in Canada. The second option is an Annual Plan Tracfone Plan for $119.00 which includes 800 minutes and a bonus of doubling your minutes on all subsequent “top ups”. SMS text messages are billed at the rate of $0.10 per 3 messages.  When you top up all unused minutes roll over.

So stick with Rogers at $256.00 for 15 min a month, and SMS, no rollover etc. or save over $125.00 in the first year and almost $200.00 is subsequent years.

I let all incoming calls go to my Rogers voicemail. Caller ID lets me see the caller so I can then return the call on my Tracfone.

I figure I have saved well over $2,000.00 in the last ten years with my Tracfone!

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2 Responses to Cell Savings

  1. Tom Glanville says:

    I think you could save even more money if you got an AT&T Nationwide Canada plan. I was shocked when I moved to canada to discover they charge extra for voicemail and callerID. They haven’t don’t that in the US since the late 90s. Plus, for me to call from KW to Burlington is long distance. Long Distance charges don’t exist in the US.

    • 2sidesof49 says:

      Hey Tom, we looked at the AT&T Plans a year or so back. Great when calls originate in U.S. to Canada but not so good for calls initiated in Canada. Rogers has sharpened its pencil a bit and now for just under $100.00/mth I get unlimited Canada – Canada and Canada – U.S. calls as long as they originate in Canada. 500mb data no matter if used in Canada or U.S. Still ding you on calls from U.S. to other U.S. numbers or Canada so the Tracfone still best option.

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