You Scream, I Scream – Darn Right!

It was a warm day yesterday so rather than go out for lunch I fancied an ice cream. I remember seeing a couple of Dairy Queen ads on TV and decided on a Blizzard! Now I have not been to Dairy Queen for a long time so was not prepared for what I bought.

I opted for the Mini-Blizzard at $2.99 plus $0.39 tax for a total of $3.38 – now I figured that $3.00 would get me a half decent portion of ice cream considering that I can buy 1.5 liters of Kawartha Dairy ice cream at the local Metro for $3.99. Well I was wrong – the girl handed me the smallest portion I have ever seen, what we use to call a Kiddie Cup back in the old days that I think was worth a quarter. The container is exactly 1 cup, 8 ounces, filled about 7/8 of the way with a chocolate Blizzard, basically vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate syrup. I had to take a picture beside some recognizable items to illustrate how small this portion really is. Yes the lighter is taller than the cup!

A quick check on the U.S. site provides the following re their portion size “The average retail price of the Midnight Truffle Blizzard is $3.09 for the 12 oz., $3.49 for the 16 oz. and $3.99 for the 21 oz.”

So again a Canadian Rip Off! Emphasis on word “Mini”

So new plan – buy the 1.5 liters at Metro, eat my fill and throw the rest out – a much better deal.

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1 Response to You Scream, I Scream – Darn Right!

  1. flynnroad says:

    Last night I went to Zehrs (Loblaws) to get some yummy Sorbet. How refreshing on a hot summer day!
    While there, we got a few extra things too. When I was at the check-out I was very shocked at the price.

    If you go to (my old grocery store in Rochester), you can enter a product and they will tell you the price at the store given a postal code you provide.. (Almost no Canadian websites that I go to will do this)
    2L Champman Sorbet
    Zehrs : 3.54 (Converted for half gallon compare)
    Wegmans: $2.39 (half gallon Perry’s sherbet)

    2xOld El Paso taco seasoning mix
    Zehrs: $1.49 each
    Wegmans: $0.89 each

    1 bottle Simply Lemonade
    Wegmans: $2.79

    Zehrs:$0.05 for bag + $0.01 HST tax on bag
    Wegmans: $0

    Zehrs: $12.32 (not adjusted for sorbet size difference)
    Wegmans: $6.96

    If you survey people in Rochester, most will tell you Wegmans is more expensive than other options in the area. I don’t know if this is true or not. But, it certainly isn’t perceived to be the value option for grocery shopping.

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