April Summary

Now that I’m writing this Blog my friends are asking me to pick item’s up for them when in Phoenix. Your see some of these in this months posting.

So the month started off with a couple of big purchases; the first not so big but worth mentioning. The old Gateway computer in Phoenix finally gave up the ghost after 9 years of reasonably trouble free service so it was off to the local Fry’s Electronics to see what was on sale. As this computer is only used for email and basic communications speed, memory and HD were not really that important. This being said the weekly “special” was a Lenovo 77231GU, AMD AX2-255, 3GB memory, 500GB HD and Windows 7 Home Premium for $327.00 including tax. So, it will come as no surprise to anyone that has read these ramblings thus far – this model not available in Canada. The closest I could find in comparable configuration was an Acer at Staples and an HP at Tiger Direct, both for $399.00, a little slower processor but as close as possible to the same configuration. As you know I’m not quite finished – $399.00, plus “Environmental Disposal Fee” $7.80, plus HST $52.88 – $459.00. Net savings  = $132.68.

Sometimes you just have to buy something because it’s a great deal rather than really needing it. This happened at good old Fry’s, a 24” LCD HDTV (1080P) for $173.00.  Closest Best Buy Canada, Dynex “house brand” $272.00. Next a Bluetooth Dongle to link my Notebook to my Blackberry. Fry’s $10.87, Best Buy $39.53, Kensington iPod aux/sync car charger $27.31, N/A in Canada so would have to buy charger $33.88 and aux cable $14.67 separately, Belkin Powerbar $16.38 , only available from internet in Canada at expansys.ca $26.49. Last one, The Fighter BluRay DVD Fry’s $19.66, Best Buy $31.62 – Difference $169.17

Frank wanted me to pick him up a 2011 Norton Internet Security at Fry’s, $99.95 on sale for $76.51 w/free Norton Utilities and Norton Ghost – Mail in Rebate $40.00 and Upgrade Rebate $25.00 – Total Cost $11.51. Best Buy Canada Internet Security and Utilities package $101.68, Ghost on sale $56.48 – NO REBATES – Difference $146.65

Have got the fitness bug, well in my case more a get “fitter” bug, so I needed a new pair of walking shoes, Sketchers Shape Ups (first pair of shoes I ever got with a CD showing me how to walk) the box price on the XT’s was $119.00, Famous Footwear sale price $59.95. At SoftMoc Canada sale price $125.33. Wife thought they were great so got her own pair at Dillard’s $59.95 vs SoftMoc sale price $127.79. Difference – $133.22

Pete asked me to pick him up a night scope for hunting, Bushnell Night Vision. $359.00 on sale at Big 5 $173.00 – best price I could find was an on-line retailer out of Kitchener, binoculars.com $428.00 inc shipping – Difference $255.00

Daughter moving so needs a food waste disposal – Lowes Buffalo InSinkerator Badger $106.00, Home Depot Aurora $190.97 – Difference $84.97

I’m thinking of bringing my Harley back from Phoenix so looked into first – renting a trailer from U-haul $657.00 with drop off in Newmarket. If I drop it off in Buffalo and ride the remaining 100km the rate drops to $495.00. So savings $162.00. Other option is to buy a trailer in Phoenix, looked at a nice enclosed 5 x 10 unit for $1,510.00 from the local trailer dealer. For comparison I stopped into the King City Dealer and was quoted $3,400.00 for a virtually identical unit. Difference $1,890.00 – So decision is to buy in Phoenix and sell when I get back to Canada for $2,400.00. Net result will be approximately $500.00 in my pocket and no cost to ship the bike back.

So we picked up a couple of ceiling fans in Buffalo, $39.95 and $79.95. Basic white fans with light kits. Needed a couple of wall controls so these were $21.95 and $24.95 – difference was in features. My son decided he wanted a fan in his bedroom after we returned home and luck would have it the there was a sale at Home Depot for $69.99 so sale price pretty well on par with U.S. Here’s the kicker – the fan control is $39.95 at RONA – same as the $19.95 unit at Lowes Buffalo. These are the things that really are annoying, a 300% difference in price. I’ll wait till I’m back in U.S. to pick these up.

That’s all folks!

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