March Summary

Not much doing this month as we were grounded in Newmarket till end of month. But here are a few tidbits…


Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and so I was off to Lowes in Newmarket to get a gift for a birthday. Picked up a Porter Cable circular saw for $68.00, same saw in Lowes U.S. is $59.97 so a fairly pleasant surprise that only $8.03, Tax however $8.84 here vs $3.59 or difference of $5.25 bringing total cost difference to $13.28 (bearable)


So time for another trip south – same days, same times etc. Southwest from Buffalo $820.00 for two including $40.00 advance seat selection – Air Canada from Toronto $2,837.00, no advance seat selection, does not include bags (includes $383.22 taxes, fees, surcharges) Savings $2,017.00

As mentioned elsewhere in the Blog SuperShuttle from PHX to house $44.40 for two plus $7.00 Tip = $51.50  – no real “shuttle” service from Pearson so I’ll use Airport Limo rates as a comparison. Limo $85.00 for two, plus “airport parking fee” $13.00, mandatory 15% driver gratuity $12.75 and HST $14.39 – Total $125.14. Difference $73.64.

Buffalo Airport Long Term parking is $50.00/week including taxes so two week parking at BUF will still be $50.00 cheaper than Airport Limo to/from Pearson. Just in case you were thinking of parking at Pearson the Value Parking Lot is $70.00 for the first week and $15.00/day afterwards. Two weeks will cost you $175.00 including HST. BUF Airport parking, two weeks savings $75.00 – or about $50.00 after cost of gas.

March Summary – Total Savings U.S. $2,226.00

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