The Big One – Bought a car!

The 2008 Audi A6 in Canada is coming off lease in June so it was time to go shopping. I was originally going to stick with the Audi as they have been a great car and I have basically owned or leased one since 1984.  I’m loyal to my local Dealer so visited the Sales Manager at Pfaff in Newmarket. We were looking for something smaller so priced the A4. Pfaff came in at $46,672.95, with a “customer loyalty” discount of $1,687.00, add the old 13% HST and we were at $52,740.00. Next, research on and received an email from Audi Peoria Internet Sales Manager and priced package with him via email and phone. A4 Premium w/Sport package apples-to-apples $37.030, add Peoria tax 9.1% and $40,399.00 out the door. Difference $12,341.00

While price difference on Audi was fantastic since we are in Phoenix we decided to shop around and check out other vehicles. Liking 4-wheel drive we checked out the VW Tiguin, nice but a little small. Having owned a Subaru back in the 80’s, and positive feedback from Dr. Paul on his new Legacy, we decided to look at the Subaru’s. Our intent is to commute to and from Phoenix when we decide to winter here so the Outback Limited with 3.6 V6. was a very good fit. Very well-appointed with lots of room and nice, high end “car” interior. Also has a ton of cargo space and we like the way that the back can be completely separated from the passenger compartment with an optional metal mesh screen. Will be great if we bring the dogs with us. After some heavy negotiations, and taking advantage of an 11th hour end of month push from the Sales Manager we signed at 31,300.00, add taxes and fees $34,552.00.  From the Subaru Canada website we came up with $43,971.00 including a cash discount of $2,000.00 Net difference purchase price $9,419.00. With Canadian Dollar at a high add another $1,000.00 so total savings $10,419.00

Cargo separator was a $399.00 ($599.00 Cdn.) Option. The Sales Manager however had an associate at another Subaru Dealer that had a brand new unit that they used for display at the Phoenix Auto Show. I was able to pick it up for $150.00 so a nice $250.00 savings.

I didn’t opt for the factory NAV with the Subaru, an additional $1,500.00 U.S. or $2,300 Cdn., so I went for a Garmin 1450LMT, on sale at Fry’s (price matched at Best Buy) $197.09. Same unit Best Buy Canada, sale price $226.00 – Difference $29.00

Dito on a trailer hitch, Subaru option was $399.00 ($550.00 Subaru Canada) so opted for an aftermarket from U-Haul at $282.43 installed, including wiring. Both U.S. and Canadian U-Haul quoted same price on hitch however installation is $10.00 more in Canada. Wiring harness was $39.95 in Phoenix, quoted $109.00 in Markham. Picked up a Reese drawbar, ball and locking pin kit at Pep Boys for $34.95. No such “kit” at Canadian Tire so had to assemble from components $78.22 so with everything savings on of $114.37.

So total savings by purchasing in Phoenix, including a full tank of gas when I picked car up = $10,912.37

High Canadian Dollar make no difference at all……in Canada

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