January Summary

The year stated off with a bang when Luck would have it that we had planned our first trip of the year to Phoenix on January 5th. We have found that flying out of Buffalo is the most cost effective way to travel. As I had no intention of writing this Blog last year when I booked these tickets it’s not possible to compare flights retroactively I’ll just give the cost of our flight from Buffalo, you will have to believe me that it was significantly less than out of Toronto. Southwest 2 tickets, including advance seating $720.00

Buffalo Airport Long Term parking is $50.00/week including taxes. Parking at Pearson in the Value Parking Lot is $70.00 for the first week and $15.00/day afterwards. Two weeks will cost you $175.00 including HST. BUF Airport parking, two weeks savings $75.00 – or about $50.00 after cost of gas.

Buffalo Parking January $111.34 – Difference $50.00

We have been looking at water coolers and checked out Lowes and Home Depot in Canada. As we left early for our flight we were able to stop at Lowes in Buffalo and comparison shop. Picked up a Whirlpool cooler, Model D45 for $159.92. Lowes Canada does not offer this model in Canada so had to look for something a close as possible, closest we could find was at the Water Depot GWD5446 Water Dispenser at $338.00 – Difference $178.08

We decided to go to the movies to see The Kings Speech, AMC US $15.00 for two, Silver city Newmarket $23.50 – Difference $8.50.

Needed a new Blu-ray DVD Player for Canada as my son has claimed the PlayStation as his own. I purchased a new Samsung LED TV in Canada when we moved into new home in August (wanted to make sure service available if required). Headed over to Best Buy Samsung BD-C5500 $130.06 US, Best Buy Canada $202.27 Plus $2.75 – $205.37 Total (difference $75.31) I’ll use these numbers however I had $15.00 in Best Buy U.S. Rewards and they had an “Open Box” unit at $89.95 – my real out-of-pocket was $81.96 – Difference $123.41. Also interesting to note that there are no Environmental Fees in the U.S saving another $2.75. Best Buy in Canada and the U.S. recycles used computer/audio/video equipment – In Canada no charge, in Phoenix they charge you $10.00 per item and give you a $10.00 Gift Card so no out-of-pocket.

Also as detailed in the Go Leafs Go Blog we took in a Phoenix Coyotes Leafs game in Phoenix. Difference in cost $240.00.

Purchase of a new Blackberry in December required me to upgrading the Torch memory to 16BG we could do away with the other devices. Fry’s Electronics had Patriot 16GB microSDHC memory cards on sale at $27.27 or $54.54 for both. The cheapest comparable unit at Future Shop in Canada was a SanDisk at $61.00 or $122.00 for both. (difference $67.46). I also needed a new thumb drive so picked up a 16GB Maxell from Fry’s at $27.27, Future Shop flyer same week SanDisk 16GB $56.44 Difference $29.17. Final purchase today was a spool of 100 Memorex CDR’s at Staples $14.15 same item Staples Canada $75.34. Difference $62.39

Food for the month, including getting the basics, bread, eggs, milk etc. came in around the $90.00 mark. We figure like-for-like in Canada would have been in area of $160.00 – Difference $70.00

Monthly Savings – $761.55

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