February Summary

Stuck in the snow this month so not too much to report other than basic day to day.

The Canadian Press has today (February 19) published that “The price of Gasoline was 13% higher in January 2011 that it was in January 2010 and 3.5% higher than in December 2010. The average cost of a gallon of regular gas in Phoenix in January 2010 was $2.65; today’s price is $3.08 representing an increase of 16%. However a $1.149 Canadian liter is $4.31 a gallon – a $1.23 per gallon difference! So it cost us about $54.00 more in gas this month.

One thing that really gets my goat is the garbage and recycling collection in Newmarket as compared to Phoenix. In Newmarket we are restricted to two bags or one bin (three bags) every two weeks. Newmarket “bundles” solid waste collection charges into its property taxes based on 0.027% of the property’s assessed value. Based on a property tax of $6,500.00 solid waste would account for $176.22. Garbage collection is not included in municipal taxes in Phoenix. Both are picked up weekly in large, commercial grade, curbside bins that are provided by the city. Monthly charge for garbage and recycling is $26.85 or $322.20 annual. Assuming that “collection” accounts for the majority of the charge, if I increased collection to once a week in Newmarket I would end up with $352.44 there. So other than shear volume that each bin holds it’s just about a wash in cost.

Benefit in Newmarket is you get to store two weeks of garbage, wonderful in 85 degree summer heat. Good news you can always find an unlocked commercial bin behind a factory somewhere!

I’m on a roll –

Before dissecting the cost of water it should be noted that the Newmarket home uses a “grey water” cistern system for flushing toilets. This system is filled from runoff, rain water etc. and can basically meet the requirements of the home for three months. If the cistern gets below a certain level it is topped up from the main water system. This grey water system is also used for watering the lawn and the sprinkler system. It should also be noted that Phoenix has a drip irrigation system that waters the plants every day for a period of approximately 45 minutes.

Newmarket water and sewage is charged based on usage, in addition there is a Utility Basic Charge of $13.46. In total February charges were $29.76

In Phoenix Water and Sewer was $14.39. Difference – $15.37

February – Spent approximately $250.00 more in Canada than we would have in Phoenix on food and gas.

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