Gasoline – Getting Burned Every Day!

Before we get into gas prices it needs to be stated that; 1) Canada is a self-sufficient company in terms of oil and petroleum. We do however import oil from Norway, about 1 million gallons a day. So how does this work? Under NAFTA we are obligated to sell oil to the U.S. so we export approximately 2 million barrels per day mainly to the eastern states. This being said (LOL) any political problems in the middle east should not affect our domestic price of gas at the pumps. 2) Arizona is the ONLY State in the U.S. without any refineries and therefore ALL gasoline must be imported from California, Texas and New Mexico. Now being logical it would be fair to assume that Arizona gas prices will be higher than other states with refineries.

At the start of each month I’ll post the current price of gas in each location. If I’m not physically in each location I will use Gas Buddy at  and to establish the lowest price. Based on a national monthly average of 1,000 miles/1,609 km I’ll calculate the savings based on 25 mpg (40 gallons/mth) combined. 1 U.S. Gallon = 3.78 ltr

Facts: The U.S. Federal Gas Tax is $0.18.4 cpg, Arizona Gas Tax is $0.19 cpg – Total $0.374 cpg. Canadian Federal Tax is $0.427 cpg Ontario is $0.627 cpg – Total $1.05 pg

January –  Gas price: U.S. $2.95 Gallon – Canada $1.14 Liter ($4.30 Gal) = $118.00 vs. $172.00.  Difference $54.00.

February – Gas price: U.S. $3.04 Gallon – Canada $1.14 Liter ($4.30 Gal) = $118.00 vs. $172.00.  Difference $54.00

March  – Gas price: U.S. $3.38 Gallon – Canada $1.24 Liter ($4.68 Gal) = $135.00 vs. $187.00.  Difference $52.00

April  – Gas price: U.S. $3.45 Gallon – Canada $1.29 Liter ($4.87 Gal) = $138.00 vs. $195.00  Difference $57.00 April Update – Just hit $1.329 per liter in Toronto today that means we broke the $5.00/gallon barrier. Gas in Phoenix $3.49/gallon.

News Wire 28 April 2011 21:52 GMT – Profit at Canadian Oil Sands, which has the biggest stake in the Syncrude Canada oil sands consortium, rose 84% in the first quarter due to higher production and prices, the company said on today.

May – Gas price in U.S. $3.61 Gallon – Canada $1.37 Liter ($5.21 Gal) = $144.00 vs $208.40 Difference $64.40 (May 4, 2010 price $1.08 Liter)

I regret to see that Ontario’s “Gas Guru” Dan McTeague who cofounded the website lost his seat in the election. Although ineffective at least he was relentless in citing the Harper government for prices at the pumps.

So I have to jump on this one! If your in Toronto GTA you have seen an $0.08 increase per liter over the last three days 11/05/2011 (that’s $0.30/gallon for my U.S. readers) we’re talking $5.32 gallon – for no reason at all. Phoenix price today is STILL at $3.61 gallon and reports are that it will go lower over next few weeks. Last year on this date we were paying $0.984 per liter – our price has increased 41.6% in twelve months.

The roller coaster continues, of course with no rhyme or reason. Prices “tumbled”, I love that expression, $0.06 a liter on Thursday. Will there be no end to the savings!

After days of attention in the press gas prices fell to around the $1.28/ltr mark. The gas companies decided that they had enough bad press this month so they refrained from the traditional “long weekend”  price increase. They have however allowed the price to creep up a couple of cents in the last two days – I’m sure it’s to make up for the weekend shortfall.

Finishing off the month with some humor

June – So this month we drove from Phoenix to Toronto so had a first hand opportunity to see the prices of gas across the States. When we filled up it was at highway exits so I’m sure we would have saved a few cents a gallon if we ventured into local towns. Prices ranged from $3.45/gallon to $3.79/gallon with higher prices in Illinois and Michigan. Average price in Arizona as on today, June 29th is $3.41/gallon. Just filled up this morning at local Esso at $1.268/ltr.

So Gas price U.S. $3.41/gallon – Canada $1.28/ltr ($4.80 Gal) = $136.40 vs $192.00 – $55.60 Difference

From the front page of USA Today, June 15th. – $4.00 Gallon is $1.05 Liter

July 12 Update – Staying true to their word gas prices have dropped to $3.15/gal in last 15 days while Toronto and GTA have risen by $0.03 ltr.






July – Spent some time in Tampa, average price for gas around $1.63/gallon. Phoenix at $3.20. Newmarket averaging around the $1.31/ltr. mark.

So Gas price U.S. $3.30/gallon – Canada $1.31/ltr ($4.95 Gal) = $132.00 vs $198.07 – $66.07 Difference

In first six months of 2011 gas price has increased in U.S. by $0.35/gallon and in GTA by $0.17/ltr – $0.64/gallon.

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