Why Im Blogging!

This Blog is dedicated to all my American friends who continually tell me that I have free Health Care.

When I turned 60 I needed to evaluate where I was and how much I would need to support my lifestyle for my remaining years. The technology crash had already killed my Freedom 55 plans and now the 2009 downturn had significantly impacted any chance of Freedom 65. As a Canadian citizen that purchased a second home in Phoenix 8 years ago I now have significant experience as to life on both sides of the border. The intent of this Blog is to factually compare life for the average Joe on both sides of the 49th Parallel and establish once and for all that Canadian Health care IS NOT FREE!


About 2sidesof49

This Blog is for all Canadian Cross-Border Shoppers wanting to maximize their returns on their U.S. shopping trips. Visit 2sidesof49.com for tips and tricks and links to our partners websites, blogs and products. Also check out my book The Canadian Cross-Border Shopping Guide - guaranteed to save you money!
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2 Responses to Why Im Blogging!

  1. Martin Mollot says:

    Great Blog Pitsee…..If we elect an NDP Government and you’ll have to get a calculator with more capacity to calculate the CDN costs ! Let’s also not forget the most congested city in North America….Toronto..Average commute is 80 minutes ( Toronto Star)

  2. Bill Leary says:

    Well written, well researched, and very interesting.

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