POP QUIZ – What costs 1400% More In Canada?

I have a neighbour in Canada who thinks dandelions, crabgrass and other weeds are to be admired not controlled. The neighbours solution then is to start spraying early in the year, literally when the snow has melted, to prevent the migration of his lawn on to ours. One item that I have found effective is Weed B Gone. A spray concentrate that you attach to your hose and spray away.

Here is the quiz, which picture is from Walmart Canada and which is from Walmart U.S.?


Congratulations! Weed B Gone is $39.83 in Canada compared to $2.50 in the U.S. The $20.00 I spent to keep a nice lawn would have cost me $360.06 including HST. In FACT just the HST would cost me $16.00 MORE than the product in the U.S.


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Rogers – Shutting Down “One Number”

Of course they are doing this while all the Snowbirds and winter travelers are out of country! Anyone surprised?


Following is Rogers Email…..

Since the launch of Rogers One Number, we have introduced a number of wireless innovations that help Canadians stay connected in more ways than ever – like our Share EverythingTM plans with unlimited Canada-wide calling and Wi‑Fi Calling that allows you to call and text in more places with a compatible device.
Rogers One Number will no longer be available after January 31st, 2017. As of this date any Rogers One Number Call Control rules such as Do Not Disturb, Forward My Calls, Ring My Numbers and Blocked Numbers that you may be using will no longer exist. Forward My Calls (Call Forwarding) is available as a part of Rogers Share Everything plans, however you will have to set up this feature again, if desired. Use the call settings menu in your mobile device or visit here for additional details on setting up Call Forwarding. No action is required if you do not have Forward My Calls set up.

UPDATE – January 24th.

I contacted Rogers to find out if i needed to turn phone on (currently in Airplane mode) to activate call forwarding once One Number discontinued. Was told by agent “On Janaury (sic) 31st simply contact us and we can’t do the call forwarding from here, you won’t need to turn your phone on”

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Don’t Be A Tool

This one is for the guys, If your looking for a large rolling tool cabinet and are considering the following from Canadian Tire..



Take a look at the following on sale at Costco.com


Even with the exchange (with our crummy loonie) your looking at a $395.00 CDN savings before the dreaded HST!


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Afternoon Project – Setting up a Wireless Repeater Bridge

This is a great way to use your older technology to extend useful life!

Life through Time and Space

After nearly 6 years of shitty WiFi in my house,  I finally decided to do something about it today. I had 2 horrible WiFi dead spots in my house.  One was in a room  where  my laptop and wireless printer are and the other is in our living room where we try to watch Netflix and use the  XBox. I can’t believe I tolerated this for so long.

Until today, I was dealing with a horrible Rogers Wireless Modem and the Cisco Valet (M20). The M20 is an  attractive device for putting in your living room, but it didn’t have very good performance.

As part of this project, I didn’t just get a new router, I moved the Rogers Modem into the other living and installed the new D-Link router there.

My problem now, is I still have a Smart TV in the primary living room that needs a network…

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Road Trip – Results


After a 2,300mi (3,701km) road trip in the US, approximately the same distance as a trip from Toronto to Calgary here are the results in Canadian Dollars….

* Hotels four star well known chain, gas regular 87 octane,

Gas $223.71, Hotels 3 nights $492.37 (breakfast, Happy Hour and dinner included), Food $22.10 (includes all taxes)

Time to travel @average 75MPH 30Hrs (three 10 hr days)


Assuming same trip to Calgary here is what we would have spent…

Gas $344.40, Tolls $12.00, Hotels 4 nights $693.00 (breakfast included), Food & Drink $225.00

Time to travel @average 100KM/hr 37hr (three 10hr days, one 7 hr day)

Total Cost U.S. Trip = $750.00 CDN               Total Cost Canadian Trip = $1,262

Money in Pocket = $512.40

Result even at a $0.70 loonie it is still more cost effective to travel in the U.S.


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Why Is The Loonie The Chicken Little of ALL Currencies?

I have just about had it with the loonie! Everything that happens in the world apparently affects ONLY our currency. Post Brexit the Pound is doing OK, post U.S. election U.S. Dollar is doing ok, only the loonie is tanking – again.


So rather than fight the trend I’m looking at the news and I’m going to predict that the Loonie is going to loose ground based on the following REAL STORIES…..


Bautista and Encarnacion reject offers from Blue Jays

Some Canadians reconsidering trips to U.S.

TIFF acquires nearly 1,500 film prints

Person shot at Will Rogers airport in Oaklahoma

Heavy rainfall forces 20,000 evacuations in the Dominican Republic.


Woman blames DWI on Trump victory

Erika Canela Wins Top Honors In Miss Bumbum Brazil Pageant

Pit Bull Jumps Off Seawall


Doctors remove wedding ring from man’s penis

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A Canuk in the U.S. post Trumpocopolis

Another day of travel, again at an average speed of 75 MPH and still no carnage, other than the occasional deer and coyote. Gas is averaging $0.62/ltr CDN. Last nights accommodations again with “free” Happy Hour, six drinks and a full breakfast including two sausage patties for the dog $149.00 CDN inc taxes. We decided to treat ourselves for dinner at the Steak N Shake – double bacon cheese burger w/fries and an order of chicken strips (real chicken) w/fries for my lady. Wait for it…. $12.00 CDN.


We were forced to pay tolls today on the interstate, $10.40 CDN to travel approximately 231km. Travel 1st day on 407 from 404 to 401 49km $16.77. (If the 407 owned the interstate it would have cost $71.80!)

Savings today over traveling in Canada approximately $40.00 less in gas, $80.00 in Hotel and $20.00 in food.

P.S. Didn’t see any riots yet!

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